What is a telehealth visit?

Telehealth is a broad term that includes any health encounter done though a virtual process. For our clinic, it specifically means video calls and portal messages, but only video calls are done by appointment.

Why are you doing telehealth visits now?

Telehealth is a very useful tool that allows us to see more of our patients at times and places that are convenient for you. While we had plans to incorporate telehealth visits into our practice in the near future, the COVID-19 epidemic has kick-started this process much sooner! It allows us to provide good continuity of care while maintaining social distancing. Although in the future we will want to see every painful ear and listen to coughing lungs in-person, right now for many appointments the safest thing to do is a telehealth visit.

How can I get a telehealth appointment?

Currently, we are having patients call us to schedule a telehealth appointment. You can also contact us through the portal.

What equipment do I need?

All you need is a smart phone or a computer with a web camera and microphone. Internet or Wi-Fi is preferable to phone data for a better connection. Also, visit connections are better if you stop streaming anything else during your visit.

What kind of appointments can be done by telehealth?

Currently, we are doing all medication checks, ADHD checks and discussions through telehealth unless stated otherwise by your doctor. Many sick patients can also be seen through telehealth first; if needed you may be asked to bring your child in for an in-person appointment. If this happens, you will only be charged for the in-person visit, not both.


Once I have an appointment, what do I do?

Log on through the link about 10 minutes before your appointment time. This will take you to our virtual waiting room. Alternatively we will text or email you the link to connect. If your doctor is behind schedule, you should receive a phone call from the office.

When you click the link to join the virtual waiting room, you will be asked to put in a name. Please put in the name of the patient, not the parent. Please do a trial run of your video and sound prior to the appointment and make sure your lighting is appropriate.

When your doctor is ready, they will start the video call.

Can I just enter the waiting room if I want an appointment?

No. At this time we are scheduling these appointments just like in-person appointments. Our scheduling and availability are changing frequently as we adjust to meet the needs of this epidemic.

How is telehealth billed?

Face-to-face video appointments are billed the same as an in-person visit. It is currently unclear if co-pays or deductibles will apply during the COVID19 pandemic. You may receive a bill later depending on your insurance.

Portal messages requiring physician response may also be billed per CMS guidelines.

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