• Sharlene Matthieu

Baby Foods and Heavy Metals

I'm sure you've read the headlines about a variety of heavy metals being found in baby foods. But before you throw out all the baby food, do some reading and see how to minimize risks for your child. I say minimize, because there is no way to completely eliminate our exposures to heavy metals, unless you plan on being the first family to colonize Mars!

I am linking some helpful resources below, but here are some basic facts:

  • Heavy metals are found in a variety of foods. They leach into the food from the ground as they are grown. Some common examples are rice, apples, and carrots.

  • While there is still more for us to learn, the levels of these metals found in foods are relatively low.

  • We can lower the overall exposure to heavy metals by making sure our water and homes are lead-free, and avoiding smoking or vaping around children.

  • It is important to have a variety of foods and grains in our children's diets. For example, give your child a variety of fruits instead of apple juice. Skip the rice cereal, and opt for oatmeal cereal and other grains.

Check out these links for more information.

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