COVID-19  Testing

In addition to the COVID-19 PCR tests that are sent to the hospital labs, we are also offering the Abbott ID Now rapid COVID-19 test, with results within 15 minutes!

  • Instead of a nasopharyngeal swab that goes deep into the nose, the rapid test requires a sample from both nostrils.

  • A telehealth visit will be scheduled with a doctor in order to determine which test will be best for your situation.

  • You will also be scheduled for a drive-by test. When you arrive you will pull your car into the delivery parking lane just outside our office, by the back steps that are closest to the breezeway (see picture below). Call our office, and someone will come out to your car for the test.

  • We are required to complete a REALD form for each test to submit to the OHA along with the test result. It collects information on race, ethnicity, and disability. This form is available below or you may complete the questions on the portal. Once you log in, choose Create Message, then select the message subject "REALD Information Collection for COVID Test".

  • Please have everyone in the car wear a mask. If you have a young child who needs a hug, you can remove them from the car seat and hold them in your lap.

  • After the test you may leave. We will call you with the result, and it will also be available on the portal.


For COVID-19 tests pull up to the entry closest to the hospital breezeway.