If you or your child has symptoms of illness, please stay in your car upon arrival and call us. We will collect some information and direct you when and where to come in. You will be asked to mask as soon as you enter the building or our office. You will be coming in to Suite 32 (the Teen Clinic). If you are able and feel comfortable using stairs, you will see directions below for entering from the parking lot side of the building. The door is locked for visitor restrictions, but we will meet you there with a mask and let you in.

If you and your child are free from symptoms of illness, please stay in your car upon arrival and call us. We will let you know which room to come to and then you may come in to Suite 30. Entry is currently restricted to the main Pavilion entrance facing Main St. There you will be screened again and have your temperature taken. Anyone over age 2 years will be given a mask.

On evenings, weekends, and holidays we will give you instructions on entering the building on arrival.


The hospital has limited the number of entrances during this time. You may use the Pavilion entrance facing Main Street. 

Screeners will greet you and take your temperature. Then you can proceed to the East elevators and come down one floor.



There are two entrances on the side of the building by the open parking lot. Both of these doors are currently locked.


The entrance to the north (closer to Main Street) is near to our main waiting room in Suite 30.


The entrance to the south (closer to the hospital) is near Suite 32. 


Both entrances are accessed by cement stairways.


If you are unable to to use the stairs or would feel unsafe on the stairs, then you can enter through the main entrance or the breezeway entrance (between the back of our building and the hospital). 


Use the stairway closest to the hospital. Come down the hall and turn to your right. In front of you is the door to Suite 32. 


Use the stairway closest to Main Street. Come down the hall and turn to your right. Go through the door ahead of you, and there we are! 

East Portland Pediatric Clinic, PC


Monday - Friday:  

7:30 AM - 6:00 PM


9:00 AM - 12:30 PM 


Call for telehealth visits


As needed (call after 9:00 AM)

An on-call doctor or nurse is 

available to answer urgent questions after regular office hours.

Inclement Weather Info



10000 SE Main, Suite 30
Portland, OR  97216 
Phone: 503-255-3544
Fax: 503-251-6827


TriMet's number 15 bus stops in front of our building or you can take the Max Green line and we are just a short walk away from the SE Main Street Station on 96th.


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