The East Portland Pediatric Clinic staff includes five board-certified pediatricians as well as dedicated advice nurses, medical assistants, receptionists and billing personnel. We are happy that you have chosen us to be a part of your family, and we will do all we can to provide the very best pediatric care.




We are open 7 days a week, 364 days a year... every day but Christmas. Our physicians are here to see your child every day, so that we can provide the best pediatric care in the setting where your child and your child's history is known. This helps avoid urgent care visits and limit emergency room visits.


After Hours Clinic is available as needed for our patients, at an additional fee. Please be aware that closing hours fluctuate with patient load, so call as early as possible. A physician is always on call when the office is closed. By calling the regular office number you will reach our answering service. If you have an urgent question that cannot wait until regular office hours, they will page the doctor on call for you.




We understand that parenting is challenging in the best of circumstances, and that even minor illness, behavior, growth or developmental concerns can be overwhelming. We want to partner with you in raising a healthy happy child, and we welcome your questions. During office hours a nurse is available to answer your questions. From illness advice to wound care to just wondering whether or not your child needs an appointment, our nurses are your best resource. They have access to your child's medical record and history, and can make recommendations in keeping with the medical advice of your pediatrician.


As our nurses receive many calls each day, she may not be able to take your call immediately. Please let the receptionist know right away if your call is an emergency. If not, the receptionist will ask for your child's name, date of birth, usual physician, your name and your phone number, and a nurse will call you back as soon as possible.


From 11 pm to 7 am East Portland Pediatric Clinic offers an after hours nurse consultation service which allows you to talk with a Randall Children's Hospital advice nurse about your child's urgent needs. Please do not use the after hours consultation service for routine questions.




All office visits are by appointment and can be scheduled during office hours. When you call for an appointment, briefly inform the receptionist of the problems you wish to discuss with the doctor. This helps us schedule an appropriate amount of time for your child. Most problems can be handled in a routine appointment. Others, such as family, school, and behavior problems require much more time. Please let the receptionist know if you have multiple concerns to discuss with the doctor, or if your child has special healthcare needs which may also require a longer appointment time. If you decide to bring a sibling along to be seen also, please let us know in advance so that the chart can be prepared and more time can be allowed for your visit. If a conflict arises and you cannot make your appointment on time, let us know so that we can adjust the schedule or give you a later appointment.


We will make every effort to honor your appointment as we believe in the value of your time. At times delays are unavoidable, and we appreciate your patience on these occasions.




We understand that teenagers have unique health and emotional concerns. In an effort to meet these needs, we have established the Teen Clinic for adolescents and their parents. Just down the hall from our main office, the Teen Clinic offers an environment aimed at making teens feel more comfortable when seeing the physician. We feel strongly that in order to best meet the medical and emotional needs of adolescents, as well as to promote a growing sense of responsibility for their own health, it is important for the physician to spend some one-on-one time with your teenager. Our goal is to work alongside you as a parent by being a resource for teens; we want them to feel comfortable coming to us to seek out accurate health information. Don't be surprised if you are asked to adjourn to the waiting room during some office visits. During adolescent physicals, the physician will spend time alone with parents as well to discuss the unique concerns in raising healthy, well-adjusted teens.




If you are new to our office, looking for a pediatrician, or expecting a baby, please feel free to call with any questions not answered on this web site. Our five board-certified pediatricians offer a breadth of experience and personalities. While there are many physicians who provide excellent medical care, we feel it is important to find a pediatrician whose unique blend of personality and experience best suits your needs; one you feel you can trust and feel comfortable with.